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Homeopathic solutions for you and your family in New Zealand

Auckland Homeopathic Solutions Ltd believes in working in conjunction with our clients in New Zealandto find homeopathic solutionsthat work best for each individual. Your voice is an important part of the process to achieve optimum health naturally and drug free. We listen to your situation and then devise together homeopathic solutions that will improve your overall health, balance and wellness of mind, body and spirit to get you totally healthy. Our prescriptions facilitate not only the relief of symptoms or the state of mind, but also healing at a deeper level. Contact our clinic in New Zealand today to make an appointment to find out more.

What we can do for you

At Auckland Homeopathic Solutions Ltd in New Zealand, we can offer a holistic homeopathy service as homeopathic for the following conditions:

  1. Anxiety; fear; depression; mental stress
  2. Allergy; asthma; coughing and sneezing
  3. Migraine; vertigo; tonsils; hay fever
  4. Pimples; blemishes; itch; dandruff; eczema
  5. Cervical spondylitis; backache; slipped disc
  6. Sciatica; tennis elbow; frozen shoulder.

7. Arthritis; cramps; gout; joint pains
8. Uric acid; urea and cholesterol function disorders
9. Low appetite; mouth ulcers; jaundice
10.Heart and kidney functional disorders
11.Sleep related problems

Email: drkuldip59@gmail.com | Skype: kuldip1959

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Wellness by homeopathy
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